No. Sticker label printing is not just for children’s craft books. It’s actually an effective business tool! Although an often overlooked marketing method, sticker label printing is an amazing way to foster brand awareness without breaking the bank on costly advertising channels. In this post, highlights the benefits of sticker label printing and provides some practical advice on how to use stickers and labels to promote your business.

What are the benefits of sticker label printing?

  • Versatility – Business stickers and labels can be placed just about anywhere and are resistant to weather damage.
  • Affordability – The one-off cost of printing business stickers and labels is far less than the recurring costs associated with the likes of TV and social media advertising.
  • Targetted – Business stickers and labels can be strategically placed in busy areas in which your target audience are likely to conjugate.
  • Consistency – Carefully designed business stickers and labels will lead to a consistent brand experience and accelerate customer purchasing decisions.
  • Complementary – Sticker label printing is the perfect accompaniment to robust advertising campaigns.
  • Referability – By supplying customers and clients with business stickers and labels, they can gift them to members of your target audience that have not yet initiated a relationship with your brand.

How to use sticker label printing in your business

  • Address labels – Printed address labels are the cost-effective alternative to envelopes, enabling eCommerce business to add their branding, contact information and returns address to their online delivery packages with ease.
  • Client gifts – Stickers and labels can spruce up client gifts by adding a personalised message, thus reinforcing your appreciation for their custom.
  • Window decals – Business stickers and labels can elevate your presence on the high street by grabbing the attention of passers-by and sparking interest into the products or services that you have to offer.
  • Promotional possessions – Creating branded stickers and labels for the likes of mobile phone cases, laptops, CDs and water bottles is great for turning your customers into brand advocates and fostering awareness.

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