Level-1 Course

Firstly, get to know the basic information about Printing Business and its investments.Then comes various kinds of machinery that you have to work with along with the space it will occupy. Finally, comes how much will be the profit and its future growth prospective and what else is required to make the business flourish in the competitive market. 

Course Fee @ 499/-

লেভেল ১ কোর্স এ শিখবো বেসিক ইনফরমেশন প্রিন্টিং বিসনেস সমন্ধে। এর মধ্যে আমরা জানবো এই প্রিন্টিং বিসনেস টা করার জন্য কত টাকা ইনভেস্টমেন্ট করতে হয়, কোন কোন মেশিন দিয়ে কাজ করতে হয়, কত জায়গা লাগে, প্রফিট কত হয়, বিসনেস এর ফিউচার কেমন, এই বিসনেস টা কত বড় করতে পারবো, এই বিসনেস এর জন্য নিজেকে কোন কোন বিষয় শিখতে হবে, কত রকম প্রিন্টিং হয়, আর কিভাবে সফল ভাবে বিসনেস টা করতে পারবে।

Level-2 (Learn Printing Process – Practically)

Screen Printing (Bag printing / card printing / paper printing /plastic printing)

Stamp Making

Sublimation Printing (Mug + Mobile Cover + Clock + Gift Item / Tiles / Stone/ Cushion/ Glass / Wood / Crystal)

T-Shirt Printing (Vinyl Print/ sublimation/Cotton t-shirt / Cutting)

Online + (One Day Practical Our Work Shop)

Level-3 (Printing Business Success Blueprint)

  • What is Printing Business Success Blueprint?
  • What is Business Mindset?
  • Product Knowledge (Name)
  • Which Product were to use? (Small shop / Office / School / Gift Item shop and personal use)
  • Price Research
  • Freedom business asset-light model.
  • Paper measurement,
  • Scale unit idea,
  • Square feet,
  • Paper sample knowledge.
  • Design knowledge,
  • DTP using software, use of tools,
  • Post-stage of Printing completing, the process used machinery,
  • Way to Promote online and offline.
  • Marketing materials printing (Personal Promotion)
  • Distribution of Network Making,
  • Profit and Price Calculation,
  • Raw Materials Support,
  • Business Documentation,
  • Billing and order copy-making,
  • Customer feedback form creation (customer is the king)
  • Customer DATA Store,
  • Job Sample Discussion,
  • Course completion Certificate.



Level-4 (Computer Learning)

  • Corel Draw
  • Photo Shop
  • Project Base Training
  • Job Work mostly used in Printing Industries.
  • T-shirt, Mug, Photo Edit, Mobile cover, Banner Design
  • Bill, Letter Head, Visiting Card, Stickers, Invitation Card,
  • Marriage Card, Birthday Card, Calendar, Bag Design

online training

How to Find Your Passion

Work without passion is meaningless. Hence you will always need passion with hardwork to succeed in your life.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

Every individual doesn’t get job according to their choices but if every people make their living over passion of what they love then achieving success won’t be difficult.

If he/she earns money from their favorite job, then the professional field will be a lot more fun and excitement.

So it is very important for each of us to find our passion.

Friends, are you worried about your professional choice? There comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to choose a profession when we usually can’t make the right decision. Business or job?

Most of the times we prefer to start our professional career with the jobs that are easily available for us without thinking about what we are passionate for. 

Friends, I had also made this same mistake few years back and wasted my precious time. So I just want everyone to get aware of the fact that your passion will itself drive your career if you work hard on your talents. 

Some special education is needed to get an ability for making the right decision. And that decision will surely help you to fulfill all your dreams. 

If you are unable to choose the correct path for your profession, then join my How to Find My Passion course, you will be able to build your dream and career.

 Click on the link below for the Course Registration.